Mounting Your Own DIY Canvas

If you purchased a DIY Frame kit, you will easily be able to mount your frame yourself. Many people mount their canvas before they start painting. This lets them enjoy painting on a thoroughly sturdy canvas. Here is how to put together your DIY frame and mount your canvas.


Step 1. Put your frame together. Each frame has grooves and notches so that the frame easily fits together.

Step 2. One side of the frame will be rounded. This is the side that faces FORWARD when you hang it and is the side that faces the back of the canvas.

Step 3. Go ahead and lay your canvas face down and start folding the unfinished edges. Once you have matched the canvas with the edge of the unpainted area of the cavas, you can nail the edges to the back of the frame. 

Step 4. Hang your canvas in an area that you'd like. You have hangers included in the kit.