Collection: Halloween

Paint By Number Halloween

These Halloween Paint By Number Kits will allow you to enjoy your favorite painting experiences. Each paint by number kit comes fully stocked with paint brushes, a reference guide, and other resources to help you complete your painting. Your order is ready made, and includes all the paints you need to get started with your kit. Read further below to find out how to get the most out of your Halloween paint by number it.

  • Making Your Paint Last

    Your kit will come with different brush sizes. On smaller detail sections, we recommend working with the smaller brushes. For larger areas, you should work with your larger brushes. To make the paint last, we recommend doing one number from left to right or top to bottom at one time. This will let you conserve the paint and let your sections dry so that the color does not run together.

  • Getting a Frame

    Some people prefer no frame when they purchase a Halloween paint by numbers kit. This lets them hang the canvas directly on the wall. You can also get a DIY frame that you put together on your own. You can also get a ready mount frame for select sizes on most products. The DIY frame and ready mount frames cost slightly more than the kits with no frame.

  • Do You Need To Have Painting Experience?

    You do not need to take any painting classes or have any painting knowledge to do these Halloween Paint By Number Kits. If you want a quick primer on painting, read our guide on how to get started.