How to Start Painting By Number

What is painting by numbers?


When painting by numbers, you work directly with a canvas partitioned into numbers. The canvas will have pictures that align with a number. For example, "2" might correspond with a green. Every space on the canvas with the number "2" will get painted green. 

Setting up to paint by number


First, set up your painting space. You might choose a flat desk in your office with a sturdy chair. You can also use your dining room table. Good lighting will help you see the various details of your canvas as you get to work. Also, remember to sit in a comfortable, sturdy chair. 


Getting your canvas ready to paint


If you purchased your canvas without a frame, we recommend painting it on an easel so you won't worry about a loose canvas. If you buy a DIY frame, you can mount your canvas before painting it. Lastly, a ready canvas will let you paint without needing to mount the canvas. Note, you can tape your canvas to a table to keep it sturdy while you paint. 



It's time to start painting 


Paint one number at a time so that you can work efficiently. Close your other paint lids so that the paints do not dry out. Clean your brushes with water between each number. Your paint brush is clean when you no longer see color when you dry it on a towel. Work through the different brush sizes when painting the canvas. A smaller spot will require the small brush. You can use larger brushes on larger areas. Also, use the tip of your paint brush to make your colors last longer. Are you right-hande or left-handed? People who are right-handed will want to work left to right when painting. Left-handed people should work from right to left. This will let the paint dry before you move to the next color. 


You should also not worry too much about making small mistakes. If you make a mistake, you can let that paint dry and then move over it with the right color!