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What Is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is an engaging craft activity that involves sticking tiny, sparkling "diamond" gems onto a printed canvas. Each diamond has a corresponding symbol on the canvas, which serves as a guide for creating a dazzling and colorful mosaic-like image. It's a combination of cross-stitching, paint-by-numbers, and jigsaw puzzle-solving that results in a stunning and satisfying work of art. It's a perfect way to relax and unwind, as well as to show off your artistic flair and attention to detail. Diamond painting is also a great gift idea for people of all ages who appreciate creativity, beauty, and mindfulness.

What Comes With Your Diamond Painting Kit?

A diamond painting kit includes a printed canvas with symbols and a sticky surface to adhere the diamond beads onto. The kit also includes diamond beads of various colors and sizes, a small plate for holding the diamonds, a stylus tool for picking up and placing the diamonds, and a wax pad for sticky surfaces on the stylus. With these materials, you can create a sparkling piece of art that will impress your friends and family!

Round Diamonds vs. Square Diamonds

  • Round Drill

    🔵Round Diamonds (or Round Drills): These are the most common type of diamonds used in diamond painting. They are circular in shape and have a flat bottom and a faceted top. They have a slightly domed appearance when placed on the canvas.

  • Square Drill

    🟦Square Diamonds (or Square Drills): These diamonds are square in shape and have a flat bottom and faceted top, similar to round diamonds. They fit snugly together on the canvas, creating a more complete and seamless look..

How do I Create my Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is a relaxing and creative craft that involves placing tiny, resin "diamonds" onto a sticky canvas to create a stunning mosaic-like image. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do a diamond painting:

Materials Needed:

Diamond painting kit (includes canvas, diamonds, pen, wax pad, and tray)

Comfortable workspace with good lighting


1.Prepare Your Workspace:

Choose a well-lit, flat surface where you can comfortably work for extended periods. Make sure it's clean and free from any debris that may interfere with the process.

2. Unroll the Canvas:

Carefully unroll the canvas and lay it flat on your work surface. Take a moment to examine the canvas and familiarize yourself with the pattern and colors.

3. Organize Your Diamonds:

Pour out the diamonds onto the tray provided. Use the pen to pick up the diamonds. The pen has a small, flat end that is dipped in wax to help pick up the diamonds.

4. Start with a Corner:

It's usually best to start in one corner of the canvas. Peel back a small portion of the protective film to expose the sticky surface underneath.

5. Place the Diamonds:

Use the wax-tipped pen to pick up a diamond. Gently press it onto the corresponding symbol on the canvas. The diamond will stick to the adhesive surface.

6. Work Methodically:

Continue placing diamonds, working in small sections at a time. Follow the pattern and color scheme provided. Some kits may have a legend indicating which color corresponds to which symbol.

7. Adjust as Needed:

If you make a mistake or want to reposition a diamond, use the pen to gently lift it off the canvas. You can also use your fingers, but be careful not to damage the adhesive.

8. Seal the Finished Painting (Optional):

Once you've completed your diamond painting, you may choose to seal it with a clear, protective spray or a layer of clear glue. This step helps secure the diamonds in place.

9. Display Your Finished Diamond Painting:

Once your painting is complete and any sealing is done, you can frame it or mount it to display and enjoy your beautiful creation.


  1. Work in a systematic manner, completing one color at a time.

Keep the tray and pen clean to ensure the diamonds adhere properly.

Take breaks to prevent eye strain and maintain focus.

Diamond painting is a relaxing and rewarding hobby that allows you to create stunning, sparkling artwork. Enjoy the process and let your creativity shine!!

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