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Artist By Number

Custom Pet Paint By Number

Custom Pet Paint By Number

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Turn a Photo Of Your Pet Into a Paint By Number Canvas

Our pet photo paint by numbers is a beautiful way to turn a picture of your pet into something memorable. Make a beautiful custom gift of your pet for your family or help a friend memorialize their pet. Our custom paint by number pet photo kit will help you frame your pet.

  • What Comes With Your Custom Paint By Number Pet Kit

    Your custom paint by number pet kit comes with brushes, all the paints you will need, a reference guide, canvas, and an optional frame (if you purchase the framed option).

  • Picking the Best Photo For Your Custom Paint By Number Pet Kit

    Your custom pet paint by number kit will look great with the right photo. We use an image uploader that makes it easy to upload a picture. Make sure you try and select a picture that is from a raw file. Selecting a picture from social media will result in a picture that is lower quality.

  • How Long Will It Take to Complete My Paint By Number Pet Kit?

    You will need to set aside some time to work on your custom paint by number pet kit. If you want to work through your kit quickly, you can work from left to right or top to bottom while working on. your paint. This will help the paint dry so you can work on other colors more quickly.

Your Custom Pet Paint Kit Brushes

Your custom paint by number pet kit will come with three different brushes. These brushes will help you work on the detail of your pet paint by number kit. The smaller brush sizes will be for working on more intricate details of your painting. Larger brushes will help you with larger swaths of colors. You can easily keep your brushes clean between colors with water.

Your Custom Paint By Number Pet Paints

Your custom paint by number pet kit will contain a variety of different paints. You have two different options of color. You can get simple 24 color or you can get HD 36 colors. We recommend the simple color option if you are new to painting or have a less complicated picture to work on. The HD colors will add more detail to your painting.

Each paint will have a number that corresponds directly to your reference guide. No two different paint kits will ever have the same number of colors.

How to Pick the Perfect Photo For Your Custom Paint By Number Pet Kit

To pick the perfect custom paint by number pet kit phoot, here are a few guidelines:

- Use a photo where your pet is in the majority of the photo and is the central subject.

- Use natural lighting during the day and if the picture is taken indoors, make sure that there are no odd shadows or shapes.

- Choose a ready or DIY frame to make mounting easy.

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